Our Story

Our Purpose: Inspire parents to give their kids the most nutritious start to the day.

In 2015, we welcomed our son, Wyatt. When it came time to introduce solids, I wanted to develop his palate with foods that didn’t contain any added sugars or salt. I was surprised by how difficult it was to find flavourful, pre-packaged cereals or breakfast mixes that didn’t have added sugar, so I started making my own blends.

My approach was a smashing success. Who would have thought you could feed your child oatmeal prepared with sweet potatoes or lentils? And have him eat two or three bowls! The more I experimented with my recipes the more I became convinced that young children are naturally tuned to try and enjoy a wide variety of healthy foods.

With the birth of our second child and the growing appetite of a hungry toddler, I realized I needed an easier way to have breakfast ready every day. Since kids want to eat the same foods as their parents, I also wanted to ensure the whole family could enjoy the same breakfast.

In 2016, I founded Grainstart to create unique blends with textures and flavours to delight the entire family. We make oatmeal we eat ourselves. Sweeten to taste, or follow easy recipes to add vegetables or fruit, inspired by our blog and our Instagram feed.

We work hard to source the right ingredients, then make Grainstart in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Grainstart is owned and operated by parents Dominique and Guy in in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. 

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